Thank you for your interest in Cantus Youth Choirs! There are a number of costs associated with participating in Cantus Youth Choirs: tuition, concert apparel, concert tickets and the optional tour. As funds allow, Cantus may be able to provide financial aid to qualifying families.


Your tuition pays for your singer’s membership in Cantus. These monies are used to buy sheet music, folders, name badges, instruments, the lease on our rehearsal space, storage space for supplies and our sheet music library, director salaries, website hosting, software licensing, copyright licensing, printing, and all the administrative costs required to run a large organization. A small portion of these costs are offset by gracious volunteers and work studies. Youth can register semester by semester or for the entire year. 

Early Registration. All families who register prior to midnight on July 15 will get a $40 discount PER CHILD registered. This discount is only available for students who register for the full year. There is no early bird discount for students who register for a single semester.

Tuition Due. All tuition is due in full (or recurring payment plan) by July 31.


* Note: Youth that commit to a full year are given priority for a spot on our optional tour. Singers who pay by semester may go on tour if there is availability.

Based on your audition and interest, you may be invited to participate in one of our contemporary ensembles. These ensembles are only available to youth who audition, commit to and pay for a full year:


Tuition Calculator

We offer two payment plans for paying tuition: pay up front or 6 monthly payments. We also offer financial aid based on need and availability.

Concert Apparel

Each singer will need a performance outfit. All singers will be in a traditional ensemble (Concordia, Virtuoso Singers, Concert Choir, and Chorale). Each singer will need to purchase a concert-black outfit.

  • Ladies’ Outfit: Dress $73. Jewelry set $9. Ladies will provide their own black nylons and black dress shoes.
  • Gentlemen’s Outfit: Vest and tie are about $45. Gentlemen will provide their own white dress shirt, black slacks, black socks and black dress shoes.

Singers who audition for and are accepted into our contemporary ensembles (VoiceOver, Bella Visi and Fortis) will rent an additional outfit for about $25. Note: Rhapsody does not have an additional outfit rental.

Outfits can be purchased here

Concert Tickets

Youth singer members who are performing in the concert do NOT need to purchase a ticket. Parents, grandparents, non-member siblings, and friends will need to purchase tickets to our concerts. There are typically two concerts: our Winter Concert in December and our Season Finale in April.

The revenue from ticket sales covers the cost of the venue, equipment rental, professional instrumentalists and accompanists, ushers, audio engineers, light engineers, setup and strike crew, video production crew, guest artist performance fees, traveling expenses for out-of-town guest artists, and so on.

Tickets are sold in three tiers:

  1. Preferred, approximately $20 per ticket
  2. Select, approximately $15 per ticket
  3. General Admission , approximately $10 per ticket

Concerts are generally appreciated by audience members 8 years and older. Our concerts are recorded, and audience guests need to be able to maintain formal concert etiquette to protect the recording and performance environment.

Tickets can be purchased here

Tour (optional)

Tour is an optional experience for families and singers. The tour is typically held in March. Tour costs may range anywhere from $300 to $600. Parent-run fundraisers may be available to help pay for tour fees.


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