Cantus Youth Choirs is composed of 8 ensembles and 6 directors. Many of these Cantus ensembles are co-directed by two directors.

Traditional Ensembles:

  1. Concordia, grades 10-12 (Erika McCauley and Keith McCauley)
  2. Virtuoso Singers, grades 8-9 (Melody Paskett and Krista Carroll)
  3. Concert Choir, grades 6-7 (Brandi Cook)
  4. Chorale, grades 3-5 (Melody Paskett and Erika McCauley)

Contemporary Ensembles:

  1. VoiceOver, grades 10-12 (Keith McCauley and Annie Roberts)
  2. Bella Visi, females grades 10-12 (Brandi Cook)
  3. Fortis, male grades 10-12 (Keith McCauley)
  4. Rhapsody, grades 7-9 (Krista Carroll and Brandi Cook)

Please read our director bios here:

  1. Erika McCauley
  2. Keith McCauley
  3. Melody Paskett
  4. Brandi Cook
  5. Annie Roberts
  6. Krista Carroll

Cantus Youth Choirs is grateful for the superlative service of former director Michelle Pedersen, who has left Cantus Youth Choirs to pursue higher education in a neighboring state. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.