Hundreds and hundreds of young people have sung with Cantus Youth Choirs over the past decade! We are preparing now for our 10 YEARS OF CANTUS CELEBRATION by accepting video submissions from current and former members to create an epic virtual choir music video to be presented at our Finale concert in April of 2020. Submit a video of you singing your part of Hope Will Lead Us On to be a part of this virtual choir project!

Celebrating 10 years of Cantus Youth Choirs

Season 2019-2020 marks our 10th year of Cantus! Over 1500 singers have produced nearly 35 concerts to audiences exceeding 16,000! At our Finale in April 2020, we’ll present a music video of Hope Will Lead Us On, originally performed at our concert dedicated to children with special needs in 2015.

Featuring YOU, Amy Whitcomb and Michelle Pedersen

The HOPE Project is a virtual choir music video featuring YOU singing your part to Hope Will Lead Us On! Amy Whitcomb (guest artist, Finale 2012) and Michelle Pedersen (former director and guest artist, Finale 2013 and Finale 2017) are our guest soloists in this heart-warming inspirational anthem by Barlow Girl.

I could be in a virtual choir? What is that?

A virtual choir is created from user-submitted videos of singers singing their choral part. We take YOUR individual video and YOUR indivdual audio and mix it into a full choir sound! You’ll be backed up by our own studio-recorded backtrack of electric guitar, bass, drums, piano, and strings!



We hope to be able to use every video submission in our final music video. To do this, we need to ensure your audio and video quality are up to snuff! Take 54 seconds to watch the video (above) to learn what you need to do … go on, click the WATCH THIS FIRST video.

1. Learn your part

We have created sing-a-long videos for you. Practice singing your part several times, so you can perform with feeling. Be sure to learn the rhythms and cut offs. None of the parts are difficult, and the sing-a-long videos have the sheet music provided for you.

2. Prepare your space

Make sure you record your video in a well-lit space. Open the curtains and shoot during the day. Bring in some extra lamps, if needed. Be sure to watch the Watch This First! video for tips and tricks. Turn off any fans, notifications, or HVAC sounds that will add a buzz or hiss to your recording.

3. Gather your equipment

You will need a pair of headphones or earbuds. We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam (tablets and smartpones are not recommended). Make sure your computer or laptop is on a table or desk so we don’t get shaky video.

Submit video

Or, check out the sing-a-long videos first