Cantus holds live auditions and video auditions

Cantus has a number of audition opportunities:

  1. To join Cantus. To join Cantus, singers in 8th grade or older need to audition. These auditions can be done live (please check the calendar) or by submitting a link to an uploaded video (see instructions below). You can audition with any song that flatters your voice, though singing “Happy Birthday, dear Cantus” is preferred.
  2. To join Presto. There are four contemporary ensembles. Auditions for VoiceOver, Bella Visi, and Fortis are  live and held at the end of the season in preparation for the next season. Video auditions are held for Presto.
  3. To sing a solo. Many of our performances feature soloists. Those solos can be auditioned live or by video at the director’s discretion.
  4. To sing in a transition number. In between performances at our concerts, there are a number of transition numbers. Singers may audition for transitions via video or live (at the director’s discretion).


You will need to upload your audition to YouTube (or similar video service) and send us a link with the form below. We STRONGLY recommend using a smartphone or tablet to submit your video. There are number of ways to get a video from your smartphone or tablet up on YouTube. Please visit these links if you need help.



  • Please copy/paste the link to the video. The video's privacy settings must be PUBLIC or UNLISTED. We will not be able to open PRIVATE videos. Learn more about privacy settings.
  • What is the name of the song you're submitting?