Solos are available within each of the choirs (called ensemble solos) and as transition solos/solo groups. Transition solos are featured solos that occur during transitions between ensembles. They are really special for the audience and the performers, as they occur on the front of the stage, with a spotlight, with the strings and band as backup. Solo audition deadlines are announced in rehearsal, distributed via mass email, and linked on the Cantus Calendar.


  • Non-musical requirements:
    • Meet Cantus attendance criteria
    • Consistently demonstrate excellent citizenship
    • Be available for an additional rehearsal with the instrumentalists all evening on Tuesday, December 4
    • Be available all evening on Friday, December 14 and during the day on Saturday, December 15 for sound checks (singers involved in the Eagle HS choir conflict need to work out alternate arrangements in advance with Mrs. McCauley)
  • Musical requirements:
    • Successfully pass off memorization requirements for all of your choir ensemble songs
    • Be as prepared as possible when auditioning–submit a high quality audition
    • All transition solo songs have been selected already, so you will be learning and auditioning for the parts listed below
  • How to submit:
    • All Concert Choir and Chorale singers who would like to audition for a solo will be given an opportunity during rehearsal time
    • Submit your audition through the Cantus website (preferred method) or with a live audition
    • Click here to sign up for a live transition solo audition time slot on Tuesday, October 23; during a live transition solo audition, you will sing in front of a student assistant who will record you and then send the recording to Mrs. McCauley.
    • Please note that you may audition for one song or group, but we may select you for a different song; we will always assume that you would rather be selected for any solo than not at all

Special note: Because of copyright and cost, we are unable to provide sheet music for some of these solo auditions. Full sheet music will be provided to the individuals selected for each solo group.

Remember, you increase your odds of getting a solo by trying out for as many solos as you can! Try out for every available transition solo and solo in your ensemble(s).

Questions? Please contact the Mrs. McCauley at

Available Transition Solos:

  • This Is Christmas (treble duet open to any age, but preference given to Chorale and Concert Choir singers; backup choir assigned based on other solo auditions)
  • We Are Santa’s Elves (small group of singers, grades 3-7)
  • Silent Night (3-6 boys, grades 8-12)
  • Breath of Heaven (12-18 girls, grades 8-12)

Available Ensemble Solos:

  • All choirs: Tshotsholoza opening tenor solo and TTBB solo group
  • Chorale (grades 3-5) click here
  • Concert Choir (grades 6-7) click here
  • Virtuoso Singers (grades 8-9) click here
  • Concordia (grades 10-12) click here
  • Rhapsody (grades 7-9) click here
  • Fortis (grades 10-12)–talk to your director
  • Bella Visi (grades 10-12)–talk to your director
  • VoiceOver (grades 10-12)–talk to your directors

This Is Christmas

Download the audition sheet for the duet here. You may audition on either part, but give yourself a higher chance go being picked if you audition on both. You may also audition for the background choir part by downloading the background choir audition sheet here.

Part 1 audition (1:42-2:37 on the recording):

      This is Christmas - solo 1

Part 2 audition (1:42-2:37 on the recording):

      This is Christmas - solo 2

Joy to the world descant choir (2:38-end on the recording):

      This is Christmas - choir

Listen to a performance of the original song (different key and arrangement):

We Are Santa’s Elves

Download the audition sheet
Submit audition

Silent Night

Audition singing the part that best fits your voice. You may audition for more than one part.

Tenor 1 range: C3 to A4
Tenor 2 range: C3 to Eb4
Tenor 3 range: C3 to Eb4

Download sheet music here
Submit audition

Breath of Heaven

Audition singing the following segment from a solo and then all three parts from the harmony of the following section. All parts can be included in one recording.

Download the audition sheet here.

Listen to a performance of this arrangement:


Solo group movement:

Tenor feature solo:

Tenor 1 solo group:

Tenor 2 solo group:

Bass 1 solo group:

Bass 2 solo group:

Watch a video of Tshotsholoza here:

Learn how to use the practice files here: