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Throughout our site, you may encounter this  icon-question-circle  icon. If you have any questions on how to do something, click this icon and it will refer you to these “How-to” videos:

How to stay informed

To keep tuition as low as possible, all information is disseminated through email. So, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting email from Cantus. When you registered for Cantus, your email address was added to our email list. We email almost weekly, so if you’re not getting these emails … one of two things has gone wrong. (1) Something broke and we didn’t get your preferred email address or (2) All of our emails are going to your junk inbox. Let’s see if something broke. Verify that your preferred email address is on our list, by going to, enter your name and email address and click the subscribe button. If your email address isn’t in our system, please follow the steps to subscribe. If it tells you that you’re already subscribed … then we need to check your junk folder. Every email client (the program you use to check your email) has a JUNK or SPAM folder. Open your junk folder and see if there’s anything from Cantus Youth Choirs. If yes, please tell your email client that we’re a trusted sender. To do this, you will need to ask Google. Open a browser and type, “how to add a safe sender in [and then add your email client name]”. Google will return a number of articles. Pick an article and follow the steps. You can also find all of our emails posted on our website at There you go! You’re all set to stay informed.

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How to audition live or by video

There are four types of auditions held at Cantus: to join Cantus, to join a contemporary ensemble, to sing a solo, or to sing in a transition number. There are two ways to audition: live or by video.Live auditions may or may not be held. If they are, we will announce those auditions in rehearsal and by email. Please check the Cantus Calendar for all live audition dates. Go to and click on Calendar.Video auditions are held throughout the year and can be submitted at any time. To audition by video, you will need a smartphone or a tablet with a video camera and a youtube channel. (Guess what?! If you have a google account, you already have access to youtube. If you don’t, it’s free to sign up.)Instructions and deadlines for auditions for solos and transition numbers will be announced by email. All of our emails are posted to our website at These next steps will differ slightly depending on your device.

  • Record your audition.
  • Upload your audition to YouTube.
  • Set the privacy settings to PUBLIC or UNLISTED. We can’t watch it if you mark it PRIVATE.
  • Copy the link to the video.
  • Go to and click on Submit Audition.
  • Paste the link into the form.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Click submit.

If you need step-by-step help with using your iOS or Android device to upload a video to YouTube, please visit for tutorials.

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How to buy Cantus outfits

Every singer in Cantus needs to purchase an outfit. For the ladies this includes a black gown and a set of crystal earrings and necklace, about $85. For the gentlemen, this includes a black vest and tie, about $45.Once received, the dresses need to be tried on immediately to make sure they fit. Dresses will also need to be hemmed at floor length. Ladies will be responsible for providing their own black nylons or tights (no footless), solid black closed toe, closed back, one-inch heel or less, no sparkles shoe. Like this!Gentlemen will need to make sure their vest fits snuggly around the chest and waste. Gentlemen will need to provide their own ironed white, collared dress shirt, black dress slacks (sorry, no jeans, corduroy, casual or athletic pants), black socks (no patterns or additional colors), and black dress shoes (no tennis shoes or shoes with other colors).To purchase concert apparel, please visit and click on Concert Apparel. Ladies will need to know their measurements so they can purchase the right-sized dress. Gentlemen will need to know their t-shirt size so they can purchase the right-sized vest. Sizing charts are included on the outfit submission form.

How to practice at home

Youth members perform all music from memory. We provide audio recordings of most of our songs so singers can learn their music at home and reinforce what they’re learning in rehearsal. Some ensembles may have memorization assignments or testing deadlines. Due dates will be listed on the practice files page.To access these audio practice files, please visit and click on Practice Files. Select your ensemble. You’ll see an audio player for each song with practice files. Click on your part to hear the right practice file. If you sing alto, then you need to pick the alto file. These files can be downloaded for on-the-go listening as well.

How to arrange a carpool

Cantus has provided a member directory so you can easily find neighbors who are also doing Cantus. To access this directory, please visit and select Directory. Chose your ensemble from the filter dropdown menu to see which families could be a potential fit. Parent contact information has been provided for your convenience. Please note that you consented to share this information during the registration process and that the member directory is updated at the beginning of September, so members who add later may not be on the directory.

How to log in to Charms

Charms is a third party program that manages the accounts of Cantus families. In Charms, you can check the member calendar, manage finances, track absences, see what music has been checked out to you, and manage the personal information of parents and singers. To log in to Charms, you need to know your student ID: which is your first name, last name and the season number… with no spaces. So, in season 5, Jane Doe would be janedoe5. In season 8, little Jane would be janedoe8.Once you log in for the first time, you will be asked to create a new password. This is optional! If you DO create a new password … for the love, write it down somewhere so you can remember it. And if you forget it, you can reset it. To reset your password, enter something bogus and click enter. Then provide your details and click FIND MY PASSWORD.

How to manage attendance

Choir is a team sport. We need every voice, every time we sing. All rehearsals, retreats, dress rehearsals and performances are mandatory, unless indicated on the Cantus Calendar. Please be on time and ready to sing when rehearsal begins.Our attendance policy is very simple: you can miss 3 weekly rehearsals per semester … for whatever reason: athletic events, birthday parties, relatives visiting in town, vacations, whatever. Please budget them wisely. Illnesses do not count against your 3 absences and should be reported as soon as possible. To report absences, please go to and click on Absence Request. Please be honest … if you’re going to a party and you told us you were sick … well, let’s just say, it makes us very sad.Any singer who has more than 3 absences will need to conference with Mrs. McCauley to get special permission to sing in the concert.Cantus youth tend to do everything. We support that! We have had many singers successfully negotiate incredibly demanding schedules while singing in Cantus. If you have a recurring conflict that will last for more than a few weeks, please contact the Artistic Director, Erika McCauley, before registering for Cantus or participating in the activity.I need help!If you need additional help, please contact us by phone or email.