Thank you so much for your amazing efforts over these last several weeks as you have auditioned for Fortis, Bella Visi and VoiceOver. Thank you so much for being prepared and singing your best.

The following individuals have been selected for the following groups based on extensive discussions by Brandi Cook, Keith McCauley, Annie Roberts and our artistic director Erika McCauley.

To accept your position and to commit to this group, you must scroll to the very bottom of the page and pay the contemporary ensemble fee ($60 for Fortis, Bella Visi and VoiceOver; $35 for Rhapsody).


Finalist names will be added to this list as directors make their picks.

Bastian BakerRhapsody
Brielle BarrusRhapsody
Davis CookRhapsody
Sadie DowdleRhapsody
Christopher DunkleyRhapsody
Sam FoutzRhapsody
Caden GamezRhapsody
Makenzie GamezRhapsody
Joseph GardinerRhapsody
Ellie GreshamRhapsody
Stephanie GrossRhapsody
Ella HessingRhapsody
Connor JensenRhapsody
Blaine JohnsonRhapsody
Theo KennedyRhapsody
Janie LoertscherRhapsody
Kayla McCauleyRhapsody
Morgan MorrisonRhapsody
Callie OdomRhapsody
Laney OlsonRhapsody
Liv PeterRhapsody
Grace RogersRhapsody
Remi StullRhapsody
Bryan WalkerRhapsody
Natalie WalkerRhapsody
Livy WaltonRhapsody
Maren WycherlyRhapsody
Lillie YoungRhapsody


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