Ghost Riders in the Sky

Cantus Youth Choirs is proud to present Ghost Riders in the Sky. This video was featured at the Season 9 Finale, HOME: A TRIBUTE TO AMERICAN MUSIC. This was originally performed with live vocals from Josh Hessing, Zach Jensen and Logan Leavitt, while the video played on the center screen.

Instrumentals were pre-recorded by Jason Ringelstetter at the Tonic Room Studios in Boise by Malinda DeBry and The Boise River Band.


Produced by Cantus Youth Choirs
Erika McCauley, Director
Keith McCauley, Executive Producer
Malinda DeBry, fiddle
Tamie Fried, guitar
Dan Siebel, guitar/banjo
Dave Ries, bass

Recored by Jason Ringelstetter at Tonic Room Studios
Shadow puppetry and videography by Keith McCauley and Liam McCauley