Season 1: 2010-2011 Accolades from parents and youth

This is a great program and I am proud to be a part of such an awesome organization!
Monica, parent

My child learned so much. I am so impressed with the improvement in her singing, and more importantly, with her overall enjoyment of music. Since joining Cantus my daughter has taken up 2 different instruments and has been exposed to types of music that would never have been introduced to her (who knew she could sing in Latin and Hebrew?). Thanks for helping to instill this love of music in her.”
Lori, parent

The level of musicianship achieved in such a short time has been amazing. Erika set the bar high and they rose to it. Each choir surpassed all expectations I had for a first year choir.
Ellen, parent

The choice of music has been very inspiring! The instruction the youth have received has been wonderful and they have really learned to sing!! It has been “The Best Musical Experience of my life!” according to [my son].
Meri Kay, parent

Cantus has given me the best time of my life. I feel safe and able to express how i feel with everyone in that choir. Everyone is very open and expressive.
Harrison, youth member

We loved Mrs. McCauley’s high expectations of the singers. She set clear and high standards for behavior and work ethic and the kids rose to meet and exceed them. Mrs. McCauley is definitely a no-nonsense person, but she is also inspiring and fun. My daughter has loved being in choir because of her.
Marissa, parent

Very organized. Great job at keeping us well-informed. Excellent web-site. Disciplined participants. Building relationships. Teaching and developing musicality.
Denae, parent

The level of excellence the kids have achieved is superb. Beyond expectation!
Valerie, parent

I believe you promote attitude of excellence! I see a refreshing sense of friendship, loyalty, & responsibility focused on throughout classes, tours, events & communications. Also appreciate the way-above-my-expectation teaching of music techniques.
Jodi, parent

I love the discipline that Mrs. McCauley has and how well behaved the choir is in general. I like the fact that she encourages school music programs and teachers. I know for a fact that I love all the games that helped me make more friends. I definitely like the sound that the choirs make and what we were able to accomplish in our first year. Over all I really had a good experience.
Rylee, student

Erika is a blessing to our community and our children. I am so glad she is choosing to share her gift of music with all of us.
Kathy, parent

I really appreciate the underlying values that are at the core of the Cantus program (integrity, hard work, service, dedication, respect, etc.). Our children got to work extremely hard and then felt the joy in achieving great things.
Brenee, parent

It has given my son who would likely not have the exposure, a real appreciation for finer music. It has helped create a more rounded individual. I am excited to see him continue and progress with Cantus and those involved.
Sheri, parent

High expectations for singers but not to high that we can’t have fun. Talented and knowledgable director. Good at including everyone.
Annie, parent

My daughter had never sang in her life and after Cantus she sings all of the time and loves it. She is going to do singing camps this summer and she is very excited about singing.
Nancy, parent

As someone who’s participated in choirs before, I realized that Cantus has set an incredibly high standard for beautiful and superior music. I know so much now and can truly appreciate choral singing! Thank you Cantus!
Emma, youth member

Erika has done a fabulous job directing the choirs. The improvement in my daughter’s skills and confidence have far exceeded my expectations. I am very impressed with the balance Erika is able to maintain between a structured and disciplined environment while at the same time allowing the kids to have fun.
Michele, parent

Pre-Cantus Accolades for Mrs. McCauley

Mrs. McCauley has been one of the most positively influential people that I have had the pleasure to know in my life. I will always remember the wonderful musical experiences that I’ve had with her as my choir director.
Jacob Lewis, Former Student

I can honestly say that Mrs. McCauley was an outstanding choir director, and what I learned from her in middle school I can remember for the rest of my life. It was a blessing to be able to grow so close to my fellow classmates as well as the teacher. I loved concert choir- it was always such a positive and encouraging environment, and the motivation level was sky high! I loved every second of it! I learned how to sing with others as a whole, with various techniques, that I use now in life. Concert Choir with Mrs. McCauley was a very enjoyable experience, and that’s where some of my most memorable moments from middle school occurred.
Oksana Dovgoruk, Former Student

Not only was singing in choir fun, but I also learned many lessons and gathered tools that have helped me as I grew up. I learned how to be disciplined, work hard, work with others, lead, and follow. Being involved with music, starting in Middle School, helped me develop musical tools and capabilities that have led to a job where I make music.
Kenny Engelking, Former Student

I believe that my sons, Mac and Sam Martin, were truly blessed to have Erika McCauley as their middle school choir teacher. Not only did they have the chance to improve their singing ability, but they learned how to prepare to be successful. Through Erika’s ‘coaching’ and teaching, the choir learned what it takes to truly be successful; and how much work it takes to be successful! My sons have been able to transfer the knowledge of hard work from their choir experiences into other aspects of their school careers. They still talk about how hard they worked in choir, but how rewarding it was to perform and be successful! Those experiences have been recounted as they have prepared to wrestle in the state wrestling tournament or studied for an Algebra 2 exam; they understand that hard work does pay off AND you can enjoy the preparation!
Bob Martin, Parent of Former Student

My experiences at Whiteaker Middle School were some of the most incredible times of my life because of Mrs. McCauley. She is a beautiful person inside and out and has the incredible talent needed to make any choir believe that anything can happen. I am truly lucky to have met this woman because she has not only taught me how to be a better musician, but also how to be a better person. i believe that anyone interested in choir, especially if the director is Mrs. McCauley, should go for it.
Kayla Ellis, Former Student